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Cosmetic Routines According to Your Skin Type

أغسطس 26 2020 – Wahiba Laguelil

Cosmetic Routines According to Your Skin Type

Cosmetic Routines According to Your Skin Type

Normal Skin

Normal skin is generally deemed good, with a sleek appearance and small pores. Normal skin has no noticeable blemishes, oily spots or patchy areas of the healthy development of sebum and dampness.

The most significant feature of normal skin in younger females is that there is no need for an extravagant, day-to-day skincare routine. The ideal skincare regime for normal skin involves the use of toner mists that are loaded with antioxidants, along with a mild cleanser to maintain youthful-looking skin.


Dry Skin

Dry skin is recognized as the typical features of tight, flaky, rough, and scaly skin.  This skin type is overly dull due to a persistent lack of humidity in the ocular layer, particularly on the cheeks and all over the eye area. Environment, beauty products or medicines are responsible for accentuating the lack of elasticity in this skin type. 

The ideal skincare routine for dry skin would include hydrating cleansers and soaps that do not strip the skin of its natural oil. It is also recommended to use rich and creamy moisturizers. Lotions are not cut out for this skin as they do not provide enough moisture. However, ointments and creams will be much better for this skin type.


Oily Skin

The hyperactive sebaceous glands define the skin of the oily layer by growing lipids on the skin surface. Since this skin type is overly glossy, it is susceptible to exacerbate clogged pores, zits and pimples owing to bigger pores, one of the main issues with these skin types. 

Therefore, the oily skin regimen includes oil-free cosmetics for regular facial treatment.  

The best products for this skin type include water-based products that hydrate the skin. People with this skin should opt for products termed non-comedogenic as they don't get the pores clogged.     


Combination Skin

Combination skin occurs when your face has dry skin characteristics in some regions and oily skin characteristics in others. Your cheeks and the area of the under-eye can be dry places while the T-zone, along with the forehead, nose, and jaw, can still be oily. Combination skin thus requires the use of various skincare products in these diverse areas.

 The skincare routine for combination skin is a mix of products for both dry and oily skin. Furthermore, people with combination skin often have sensitive skin as well. Therefore, they need an extra mild cleanser, a gentle toner, and moisturizing products that are very lightweight and do not clog pores.

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