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Skin Care Trend Globally

September 30 2020 – Wahiba Laguelil

Skin Care Trend Globally

Skin Care Trend Globally

With the rise of e-commerce trading across global levels, different industries have emerged as ongoing trends among consumers. Skincare is one of the most popular trends that have seen amazing growth with the online market in the past few years. Besides, the rise of e-commerce is the main factor behind the rise of the skincare industry; let’s see some other reasons for its growth across the globe.

Easy Accessibility 

Accessibility is one of the main points that make any product popular among consumers. In conventional terms, a lot of imported and special skincare products with natural ingredients are not readily available in a store. One has to look for multiple brands and stores to look for the desired product. With the availability of the internet and online marketing, consumers can find their desired product within a matter of seconds.

Consumer Attraction

A high percentage of skincare product consumers consist of women. A survey conducted by the brand Dove concluded that at least 30 percent of all women consumers for skincare are impacted by different social media platforms to buy products. In this regard, checking out positive reviews, and taking some insight from social influencers are some of the main ways social media influences women consumers to buy a specific skincare product.

Competition in the Market

With all major brands that can be easily compared and contrasted in the online market within the blink of an eye, manufacturers get into a significant pressure to take care of the quality of the products they are producing and supplying to the consumers. Each brand strives for excellence to attract more customers and therefore take special note of including better, more functioning ingredients that are not harmful to the skin as well.

Diversity in the Market

Not only women, but men have also become a target for skincare brands with more diversity and innovations being introduced in the market. Now, men can also select a wide variety of products for their skin that they can use on a daily basis.

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